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Hopefully, I’ll be able to introduce some cool new features in the near future.

Welcome to A Home for Homeschoolers!

Welcome to A Home for Homeschoolers!  We’ve been in existence for less than a month, and we’ve already undergone three major overhauls.If you’re looking for the forums, you’ll want to update your bookmarks to point here:forum  In the coming days, the front page will be expanded to include access to blogs written by forum members and other great content.  Keep an eye on the forum announcements for details.

Pre-Algebra Problem Solving: 2nd Grade

The ability to solve word problems ranks high on any math teacher’s list of goals. How can I teach my students to solve math problems? I must help my students develop the ability to translate “real world” situations into mathematical language. In a previous post, I introduced two problem-solving tools we can teach our students: algebra and bar diagrams. These tools help our students organize the information in a word problem and translate it into a mathematical calculation.